Encourage Yourself

Every now and then, an encourager needs encouraging. I definitely consider myself an encourager. Whenever I see someone who looks down, I try my hardest to lift them out of their funk. I have grown into having much more of a positive outlook on life in this year alone. One place this year I have received a lot of encouragement has been from my family. They encourage me through their support and also through their words. Many times when I share that I looked at something with the glass half empty, they looked at it as half full. Sometimes we can be our own personal tough critics. In those moments we need to take a step back and look at what we are criticizing. This year I made a lot of sacrifices traveling to the DC/MD area more than I have done in any year after graduation. I have been trying to build stamina for what being a road runner would be like if I were to have a role in life where I was having to travel frequently. I am truly pleased with the progress I have made in my journey in 2017. There were some setbacks, but definitely ones that I needed. I am re-encouraged now because I can see that God was truly building me up this year to see and experience something new next year.

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