Acting Style

Growing up all I ever wanted was to be a famous Actor. Never did I imagine what style of acting would I want to do. I did a fair share of musicals and definitely would want to do more. What really motivated me growing up to be an actor was the support I got from my family. Whenever I was in a play there were four women I could always count on to be in the audience. Those four women were my mother, my aunt (her sister), my godmother (her childhood friend), and my aunt cousin (my mom’s first cousin.) It was because of her that I truly believed at a young age that I was a great actor. When I was in a play at church and my character had to be trapped in a trunk (foot locker.) I played my part so well that she was convinced I needed to be rescued. Little did she know, all of the amenities I had in the trunk with me.

While growing up I always heard people tell me “you’re crazy,” “you’re sick,” and “you’re stupid.” Back then it would hurt my feelings. As I got older I stopped hearing those words, but the feeling of hearing them never left. I understand now that was their way of saying “you’re funny.” I came to this conclusion today, but in the past year it has built up into this conclusion. Through my experiences in two comedic plays, taking Improv classes, acting for TV classes, and even using snapchat. All of these outlets have pushed me to wanting to dig deeper into my comedic side.

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