Pressing Forward

I am so grateful to still be pressing forward on my journey to being a professional full time actor. I feel as though this year alone has been me getting off and on the same roller-coaster. The difference each time is I get more anxious and excited about the same turns I have taken and the bravery I continue to grow into each time. After every time I get off the ride to catch my breath, I get thrown right back on. Just talking about roller-coasters makes me want to go to an amusement park all over again. As a child I would always go to King Dominion at least once during the summer. This was probably one of the bigger highlights to always look forward to. AS an adult, I don’t get to go as often as I would like during the summer, if I manage to go at all. Now that is definitely something I should aim for in 2018 is to go to Disney World. The magical land I have never been to.

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