The devotions I read this morning were about “Obeying God.” They also were about the consequences of not obeying him. I know in my lifetime I have not always obeyed him. I have had moments of obedience and maybe even seasons of obedience, but not a lifetime of obedience. In the devotion it asked: What would keep you from making God the first priority in your life? At first I had to stop and think because there is no real reason why I wouldn’t make him a priority in my life. I just feel sometimes my faith is not strong enough to make him a main priority. I am working on changing that by implementing some new habits in my life. I had to reinstate my writing my daily affirmation because I realized even when I was doing that, I wasn’t in as bad a funk as I have been in lately. I just have to truly want my life to change so I have to implement some major changes and build up some consistency that will keep me moving forward instead of getting stuck where I am.

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