Weak Faith

I am not 100% sure how God works, but I know he does send signs and speaks to me through my consciousness. Today’s message was him asking me why did I stray from what I told you would work for you. My answer would be to him is because my faith wasn’t strong enough. It wasn’t strong enough to believe in a consistent way of living. It wasn’t strong enough to believe in what I saw working as something that would last. God I truly apologize for not having my faith be as strong as you need it to be. I am still working on growing my faith. I am still working on discovering who I am to be as your servant here on Earth. I am still working to discover you in me. I have been truly struggling to find my sense of peace, even while doing what makes me happiest. I truly believe I have struggled because I have lost my sense of focus. I am hoping real hard to regain my sense of focus, not just on me, or life or what I am doing in life, but on God.

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