It is amazing what having a regular and consistent schedule can do for your mindset. I am able to refocus my energy to doing the same type of thing over and over every day simply because I know how my day should map out. It also makes it a bit easier when you feel closer to achieving certain goals within a consistent lifestyle. This past week and a day have motivated me to find a full time job that will have a consistent schedule for clocking in and out. Along with the consistent schedule, I miss the consistent pay and pay rate. If I were to secure a full time job, I could also secure benefits for things like health insurance, life insurance, etc. I am hopeful that with God’s help I will find a job opportunity that also is flexible to work around my schedule occasionally to go on auditions whether they be local or not. I have not had any dream goals that I have written down for 2018, just yet. I know that I have two goals that I will most likely carry over from 2017 into 2018 because I did not do what I needed to achieve them. I however won’t do like I’ve done in my past and give up on my dreams. I will only make sure I work harder to accomplish them ALL. Maybe that is what the major focus of 2018 will be is achieving ALL my dreams as soon as possible so I can create more dreams to work on.

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