Confidence Booster

It definitely helps to have your confidence stroked a bit every now and then. Last night I went to an Improv show and Karaoke. The Improv show was fantastic. The show was called The Refinery. It is where different groups get to work on their Improv skills in full show mode. Each group was funny in their own way. My favorite was the second group Bats 2.0. That might not be their name, but it sounded like that’s what they called themselves. There were four players on this team and they started with my suggestion of chair. From there the funny was on.

After the show I decided to go to Karaoke. I have been trying Karaoke a lot more lately than ever before, because I want to play with songs and see which ones I can handle on my own without the help of the artist singing in my ear to feed me the tune and the rhythm. Last night was a major success because I sang a song that was recently relevant and I am familiar with it a lot. I sang And I am Telling You, by Jennifer Hudson. I did have a little liquid courage. While singing I channeled the energy I have in my car. I sang my little heart out like there was no tomorrow. For the first time I had fun, genuine fun! I went to the Karaoke to just practice singing in front of people by myself. This performance definitely helped me. When I was leaving the stage I had several people compliment me. Someone even approached me and invited me to join the Richmond Men’s Chorus. I think I am going to give it a try. I need to sing more regularly in setting outside of the church. The invitation enough was a huge boost of my ego/ confidence that I truly needed.

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