Enthusiasm while Failing

Thankful Thursday and I have been strangers for quite some time. I just saw a quote that is what I have needed to see coming in and out of sadness after recent setbacks. The quote is Thomas Edison saying “Being able to go from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm” is the definition of success.

I am thankful for the successes I have had thus far in 2017. I made a list of a few goals for this year and I am so glad to be working back to finishing them off and truly being successful. That is the best way to truly feel successful is completing the goals I have even after failing at them a couple of times.   I have enough time to truly focus on them and make myself feel good about me.

I am thankful for reflection and appreciation of the past. Without being to reflect on some decisions we have made in our pasts, it makes it rather hard to truly appreciate where you are in life at any given moment.

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