Top 5 Goals

Today’s #WorshipWednesday experience has helped me. It helped me with more than just my physical health, but my mental space. These past couples of months have been a rough time for me. I just had a revelation just now that because I lost sight of achieving my top 5 goals for this year. I realized it as I was touching my love handles. I walked in my room and saw one of my goals that I have a few more months to achieve my goals. When you feel good, you do good, and you act better. I truly want to do and be better. Not just for me, but for those who look up to me. In life we have to do certain things for ourselves and sometimes we have to do for others. Right now I truly want to finish out this year for me! So I am going to do just that. Put the focus of the remainder of the 2017 focused on me. I am going to have to figure out whether or not this type of focus should allow me to balance other things that are distractions or be on tunnel vision. I trust that as I continue to work to discipline myself, I will find the answer to that question.

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