Yesterday was a good day. I was relatively productive in getting things done. I sent out a couple of important emails all before 5pm. For me that is a huge deal because emails are not my favorite thing to do at times. Especially when they become tedious with one word responses or blame gaming comes into play. One of the biggest things I can say I learned from my experience with Toastmasters was how to compose a thorough, detailed, and positive email. I know this is a trait I learned from my mother’s example but something I have worked on more and more as I grow in a variety of organizations.

The next thing that made me productive yesterday was #WorshipWednesday. I was productive with it because of the revelations I had. I was able to vocalize more about what it meant for me to being a journey and how we have to help other people out while on their journey. I vaguely remember talking about parenting and it just brought to memory the experiences I had under my mom as her child.

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