Second Chances

Why do we as humans put such a value on measuring things in numbers? Just recently I posted that I had more than 50 blog posts. Somehow that felt like an accomplishment. When I felt like I had achieved something, I stopped putting in the same energy into writing, posting, and sharing. Therefore, I have now gone about two weeks without putting focus on my blog. This reminds me of a time in High School that I accomplished being the only student the first 9 weeks to get an A in our eleventh grade advanced English class. I got so excited with this achievement I began to rest on my laurels. I realized when I rest on my laurels of my past successes; it takes a huge recovery time to feel successful again. Part of that also has to do with me not celebrating myself enough along my life. I have always longed for other people’s approval and not been able to approve myself, and what I mean to me. Thanks to this video I watched by Lisa Nichols, I am opening my heart and mind to putting more emphasis on me in life. Even during a time in my life where I can’t seem to get out of my rut, I am going to push myself more and more each day to achieving a stronger sense of who I am as a person and what I can bring to the table in any situation. My dream is very important to me, most simply because it is what I want out of life, but because I know that I have been given a second chance with this dream. Therefore, I am taking all the risks I can to fulfill what I want out of life. Some of these risks have been an inconvenience to family, my people and me that I have worked with or for. Personal growth is such a good feeling no matter what age or stage of your life that it happens in. I say that because most of my teen years my mom tried to get me to read self-help books to build up my self-esteem and I truly felt like I knew who I was back then. However, when I got to college I learned I had not identified who I was before then. I searched in many different circles to find me. Well here I am now on a journey of purpose to meeting my destiny.

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