Measuring Success

Keeping record of successes and failures is not a wise thing to do. I learned this after getting so excited for having 50 posts on my blog. This was not smart because I actually was under the impression that I was doing something. As an actor and servant of God I am learning that all of this that I am doing is not about me. This is meant for me to just share my experiences and let other people know how good God has been to me, simply because I believe in his goodness.

Today is Wednesday and I am on vacation at the beach and I have been contemplating if I am going to do #WorshipWednesday I decided I am not going to. I need to take breaks every now and again to gain stamina for the next stage or phase of the journey. Every now and then we need to take a step away from the work to reflect on what we have done. Also, to refresh ourselves, strengthen our muscles, and maybe some different muscles and then to get back to the work.

One way I like to step away from it all is getting into a good movie. When I am watching the movie, I am not watching for educational purposes or research, but to just enjoy myself. Recently, I watched Marlon Wayans new movie on Netflix, NAKED. It was hilarious. It reminded me somewhat of what I’ve learned in my Improv class. We have been working on heightening our emotions in a scene in a sequence of three levels. On the first one you need to start out low so you can go somewhere further along and build rhythm and momentum.

Another way I like to try to regroup is taking a nice nap. I will just curl up and close my eyes. Sometimes I don’t even need to be in my bed to take a nap. I can just put my head down right where I am. Sometimes this doesn’t always work simply because I have a tendency to try to fight my sleep.

The most common way is by putting on some music. Depending on my mood and the type of energy I have used recently or energy that has been sent my way is what causes the kind of music I listen to. When I am nervous, afraid, extremely upset, I tend to put on my gospel music. When I am emotional, in my feelings, and not sure my mood I put on some R&B love songs. When I am feeling extremely confident I put on some trap music that just boosts my ego.

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