Today I learned a lesson about me, life and the words commitment and dedication. Most of my teen to adult life, I have been dedicated and committed to a variety of extracurricular activities and organizations. I am not saying that it is a bad thing or a good thing to be dedicated to these things. After having listened twice to a Lisa Nichols interview the past two days, I realized that I needed to be more dedicated to myself. This is not to be selfish, but to truly be able to get the things I aspire for in life.

How did I learn this lesson today out of all days, you may be wondering. Well I spent most of my day on a Greyhound bus. I was heading to Philadelphia to lead a meeting for Howard Alumni. I bought my bus tickets yesterday when I finally decided I didn’t want to burn all my energy driving on the road. I made it to the bus stop in Richmond with plenty of time to figure out where I needed to go to get on the bus. We arrived in Washington, DC and Baltimore on time. Things were going smooth. I even went to get food and the casino while in Baltimore. Once I got back to the Greyhound station I sat and relaxed for a while, waiting on my bus. Then the announcement came. My bus was going got be about an hour late. This was not good because my plan was to arrive in Philly with about 20 minutes to spare getting to the meeting location.

Once we arrived in Philly around 6:55, I ordered an Uber to take me to the meting. When I was entering, people were leaving. This means I missed the entire meeting. I did get a chance to meet some of the Alumni who I had been meeting with and talking to via email and conference calls. All in all, I was there for all of 15 minutes before everyone departed. I was sad, but I knew it was out of my control.

One of the Alum came up to me after the meeting and asked about where I was coming from and I said Richmond, VA. He said “that’s dedication.” That statement got me to thinking later on, what if I showed the same amount of dedication, I show to organizations to myself. I am not exactly where I want to be as an actor, but I am well on my way to be better than I was in my past.

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