Thank You For Seeing Me

This week I have felt so much love and support from so many different places. The week started in receiving love and recognition from my old Alumni club that I was President of for four years. The most beautiful piece of this experience was the introduction by my friend. She said so many beautiful things about me, that I have always attempted to exude. For someone to see that and be able to share it in such a spirit filled crowd was so fulfilling. The icing on the cake was her mentioning the experience of #MtgMyDestiny. When I gave my acceptance speech, I neglected to say the one statement I had prepared: “Thank you for seeing me.” A lot of times I feel overlooked as a person and to have been recognized in this way, was very touching.

Other ways I have felt love and support have been from my mom who keeps giving me encouraging words, when I feel low. She has shared prayers, scriptures, my own words of inspiration, my wristband image with me. She helps to recalibrate my thoughts in an instant.

Challenge of the Day: Show gratitude for loving people in your life who support you.

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