Moments of Gratitude

I am extremely talented thanks to the gifts that God has given me. He gave me gifts to use inside a ministry aspect, like church and to use in my everyday life. I am extremely grateful that he has blessed me with everything he has put in my life. Even when I am not always showing gratitude, deep down I am grateful. I just know in the space I am in now, I am regularly two steps ahead of myself, instead of being present in the moment. I am grateful to still be living in DC. I am grateful to have been in two acting projects this year and having had an audition that will change the trajectory of my future. I am grateful that my family loves and supports me as much as they do, from my immediate to my extended family members. I am grateful for this job I have now at CMI, where I am able to put my action my degree and my experience as a way to make a healthy living. I am grateful for what God has done for me.

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