Your Path is Designed for You

Listening to this episode “Tortoises and Tata Salad and Bleep” of Off Book: The Black Theatre Podcast has truly inspired me. They are talking about being on your path and recognizing that you need to stay focused on your journey. This aligns so much with my monthly affirmation. They literally have affirmed my leap and jump to move to DC. This was definitely the right move for me to make. Just thinking back on what I have done since being here, when I initially move, I didn’t have a job or any type of job prospect. Then I reached out to a connect who put me in touch with another opportunity that turned into a job. What I was fortunate to have was my car and a place to live. I was able to return to a job I had while in college as a valet driver. Having my car allowed me to continue driving Uber, which helped me sustain for a long time. The same week I had an interview for one job, I had an audition back home for a play I wanted to do. Slowly but surely things felt like they were coming together because I got both the new job and the play. Fast forward to the end of the year I worked at my church and then came back to DC and worked more at the theater where I was hired and as a House Manager at another theater. Then I became a substitute teacher and searched for more working opportunities to make ends meet on a monthly basis. I got another job at a different theater further out that taught me a lot in the short time I was there. Then, I worked summer camp at two different theaters. When summer was coming to a close I decided I needed more stable employment. God let me to talk to the right people who directed me in the right path that landed me my current job.

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