Mustard Seed Sized Problems

I am proud of myself today for keeping myself at peace and utilizing a tool, I created to serve as a reminder for other people. I experienced a microagression at work and chose to be calm about it because I couldn’t control the situation and I decided to turn the control over to God. It worked instantaneously like magic. The wristbands I created to sell, I am wearing daily and I just thought about the problem, tapped the wristband and my emotions about the situation instantly decreased. Just to fully reassure myself, when I removed myself from the environment, I read the statement aloud to myself multiple times. “Our problems are mustard seed size in God’s eyes.” This is extremely ironic that I had this experience today because I did a soft launch of this wristband. I am really proud of this product, out of ALL the ones I have because it can be impactful as a daily reminder. I like the t-shirts, but they can be rather limiting, because they can’t be a daily outside wear. I am going to work on creating more products that can be impactful, rather than stylish.

Wristbands can be purchased at

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