I am beginning to wonder about fasting. In specific the “Daniel Fast.” I feel as though I have never truly fasted because I have never given something up, prayed during the process and remained in giving that particular thing up. I think because I have never truly been genuine and intentional about the fast. Yesterday, in church school and service I began thinking about giving up some of the junk in my life. I just truly want to not always live in a congested environment of stuff, that it becomes unhealthy as I get further along in my life journey. I think I need to begin intentionally preparing myself for a fast. I don’t know why I need to prepare other than I am not sure of what I need to give up. I am not sure I know what to pray about while fasting, I am not fully looking for anything in return from God with this fast, but to just be able to grow closer to Him and staying committed to Him daily.

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