Being Present with God

I am not exactly sure what God has in store for my future, and me but I am beginning to feel convicted about some things. I feel as though the pains I have been enduring lately are for a reason. I need to truly turn my trust over to him to handle what is going on in my life instead of trying to be my own personal superman handling matters that are out of my control now. God I want to trust you, it is just hard at times. Especially knowing I don’t feel worthy of forgiveness or your grace. I feel like a fool telling or sharing with other people how to practice trusting in you, but not to do it for myself. Maybe because I forget the time frames that you have allowed me to be patient for you in the past. God, I am worried about so much that is going on in my life right now that I get so full of thoughts about what needs to happen in the future instead of remaining in the here and now moments. Just like when I was in “The Dream Seller” play I am not staying in the moment, being present with you day in and day out. God help me to be more present with you so the worries of yesterday and tomorrow won’t weigh me down. I have found a good practice that I am hoping will become more of a habit as I continue along in life. God I just want to say THANK YOU for my mother and all the support she has given me, when I am feeling lower than low and can’t seem to find my way back to you, she guides me. Thank you for all my other friends, family and acquaintances and general supporters who continue pushing me on in this life journey. Especially, those who lift me and push me closer to you through their love.

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