Present and Accounted For

Being present in my life is a new focus of mine. Yesterday, I had an Uber passenger that was heading to the airport and that was about a 30-minute drive. We had a phenomenal conversation along the ride. The biggest thing that stuck out to me from this conversation was to be present in my life. Not always being worried about other people and the status updates they share via Social Media is what I need to do. Also, not being so glued to my phone and disconnecting from people is more of what I need to do in my life. I imagine if I do so, I would be more successful with the goals I set for myself in life. It has been mildly rewarding being disconnected from Social Media thus far, but it has presented some challenges. However, I will not complain about the fact that I haven’t observed a change, but continue to do what I have been doing and grow myself.

Yesterday, I got an email saying I go the role for a play I auditioned for last week in Richmond. Immediately I got nervous about this opportunity because of my recent relocation to DC. I am going to work real hard this week to get off book before we have our table read, so that I can prove that I am dedicated to this role, despite my potential need for understanding and flexibility of my schedule. I know that God would not give me this opportunity to close the door. I just know already the type of work and focus I have to put into succeeding with this show and everything else he may put in my path this year. It is a true blessing to have so many desires come to past in my 30th year of life. Even while I have struggled financially this year, the Lord has allowed me to have a mindset of peace and calamity about it all.

As I am writing this entry I am at peace even though I am getting my car repaired. The fact that God gave me a warning sign to check on what is going on with my car, I say THANK YOU. When I pulled into the service station and they were not busy, I say THANK YOU. The wait time for my car to be checked on assessed was not long, I say THANK YOU. My mother having a credit card that could take the charge for this transaction, I say THANK YOU. The wait time for my car to be worked on being enough time to write this entry and possibly catch a nap, I say THANK YOU.

THANK YOU Father for peace and patience. THANK YOU Father for your many blessings. THANK YOU Father for a supportive family and friends network. THANK YOU Father for allowing me the passion and opportunities to follow my dreams.

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