Howard Homecoming, Positivity, and Equality

This is Howard Homecoming weekend. This is the first Homecoming I that I will probably not be doing too much with a ticket price, because it wouldn’t be affordable. My funds have been extremely limited this season because of my move to DC. I feel like all I have talked about lately has been my financial woes. I need to get away from talking about my struggles and talk more about my blessings. The blessing to achieve things I never saw myself achieving. Having a blog that I contribute to regularly. Selling tee shirts that represent a piece of who I am as a person. Also, they represent the type of lifestyle I have had, am having and will have in the future. I am truly grateful for my experiences I have had thus far in my life. They have allowed for me to be truly appreciative of where I am in life. As well many of them have guided me to my present place in life.

Today, I went to a panel discussion on Howard’s campus that featured Laz Alonso, Lala Anthony and Nick Cannon. They were all speaking on their experiences in the industry and different tidbits of advice that helped them along the way. One of the things that I knew it already was to be persistent and work hard. When I think of persistence, I think of people that annoy someone until they get their way. There are few times in my life when I have been persistent. The majority of the time I am most persistent is when I am fighting against an injustice for me or someone else. I believe in fairness, I don’t know if it was in how I was raised or if it has to do with the balance of being a Gemini. I believe in justice for all people. If I encounter some type of injustice while out and about, I will try not to look the other way. I will try to step in and figure out how to best right how they’ve been wronged.

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