Power of 3

I don’t know why the number three is the magical number for my head starts, but it seems to make the most sense. December 2018, when most people were anxious to leave all that 2018 had dumped on them, I wanted to finish the race strong and embrace as much of the rest of the year that I could. I took the last three weeks and embraced them as the start of 2019, but also remained in 2018 and valued it.

My thinking behind this is that if I am thinking in the future while making a change in the present, I will have already embraced what it is I plan to focus on in the future.

Today, I am three days away from the start of April and have decided on my goal for the upcoming month. I am giving up sugar. Even though I had some chocolate this morning, I am making the choice to now not have sugar in April. I hope to see and feel some significant changes by May.


Challenge: Set a goal and start working on it for next week,

3 days in advance and see what happens for you.

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