More Writing

In middle school, I was introduced to being a writer in two different ways: journalism and songwriting. I became a member of the school newspaper staff, which was also the yearbook staff.  I wrote several articles covering different topics in the newsletter, that I believe came out quarterly. I enjoyed those days and wanted to do it in high school, but was denid the privilege to do so.  I never found out why that was though.

Songwriting was not something I thought children could do.  I thought it was a special job for adults and so until an 8th grader shared with me some songs they had written I was not any wiser. That 8th grader challenged me to write a song and the only song that I connected to at that time was “Have You Ever” by Brandy.  It had just come out towards to beginning of middle school.  Therefore, I had no real understanding of how songs could be written.

All of this to say, I have been working on my writing muscle a lot lately.  I want to create my own content, I just don’t feel myself being very creative as a writer.  I think that means I need to invest in taking a creative writing class.  I have a lot of unique story ideas floating around in my head.  It is just a mater of writing them down where I feel they are worthy of being produced.


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