Inspiration to Write

This week I have been inspired from a variety of different sources to write, write, and write some more. The week started with a book my mom gave me written by her college roommate discussing God’s Almighty Dollar and how we have to understand his plan for us and money. I have read a chapter of it each day since returning to DC and have learned and applied some of my learning already.

My mom also told me about a book she had recently won a second autographed copy of by her Soror and classmate. It is a poetry book of her experiences, called In My Shoes.

The next source of inspiration came from “Queen Sugar” with Nova Bordelon writing her articles that were being recognized and helped her get a book deal offer.

The final inspiration just happened based on my evening. I went to a show at Capital Fringe done by an Alumna of the Conservatory. She wrote and performed in a 1-woman show laying out her sentiments of her divorce. After the show I hung out with a friend who I thought I had a chance to grow something with. From this hanging out experience, I clearly understood what our status is/was/will be and while sad (crushed) about it, I got inspired by a song that instantly popped in my head in the silence, “Have You Ever” by Brandy, the chorus hit harder than ever before.   I used that inspiration to create what I plan to use for my Open Mic piece at the end of the semester. I also know where I kind of want to see this piece grow and develop in the future. While reading one of my two new acting books, focused on acting from the perspective of being BLACK, I was inspired to share a script I have wanted to turn into a short film with a talented filmmaker I know and have worked with. I then jotted down some other ideas I’d love to flesh out into scripts as well. For now I will take it one day at a time and let all of my inspirations push me to write more.

[Originally Written in 2019]

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