Deliver Me

Yesterday, I was talking on the phone to a close friend and I was sharing with her for so long I’ve felt like I needed people’s approval of things I do for my life. I have come to a place where I no longer want to be bound to those chains. I want to be free to dance, smile, sing, love and just be the best me I can be and not care what other people say.

This morning I was listening to the song “Deliver Me” by Sir the Baptist featuring Brandy. There is one note in the song that I have been struggling to match in my own way. This morning I hit that note and it started me on a better path from the one I was on last night after class.

I have now been inspired to play some of the songs from the “Human” album by Brandy to hear songs like “The Definition,” “Human,” and “Camouflage.”

I know these songs will help move my day forward from where I was last night.

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