Prioritize Your Life

I am at a moment in time when I feel I am juggling too much and something is going to fall. I am accustomed to having a lot on my plate, but not a lot that all falls under one domain typically. I am trying to balance being a human that is healthy, a student of the craft I want to work in, a full time employee to afford to provide my basic necessities, a loving and supportive child, family member and friend, and someone who is still searching for who I am at my core. I think that is not enough, but at the same time I am not being fully successful at many of these tasks. I have to figure out which of all these things are the most important to me being the best me I can be. It just dawned on me that I am also technically an entrepreneur or business owner. Wow, Jeffrey, take a step back and begin prioritizing your life, before life prioritizes for you.

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