2019 Affirmations

January: I am the glorious gift of life. I am thoroughly stylin’! I am pure, I am loved, and I am safe.

February: I know who I am, what my purpose is, and that life itself is seeing to it that I shall succeed. I am confident, peaceful, and grateful.

March: I am a hard worker, a dedicated worker, a good worker, and no one can do this job of acting better than I can.

April: I know that “all things work together for good” and that every member of society will benefit from my acting.

May: I have real genius within me.

June: Everything I touch is about to turn to gold because God is with me.

July: I am ready, willing, and able, and I know that no one is more talented, smarter, better, or luckier than I am.

August: I am a life expert. I have the insight and ability to decipher and deliver for an audience the essence of any state of mind, or point of view that shall constitute my audience.

September: My intelligence and creative ability are as great as those of anyone who has ever lived.

October: I have my individual way. It is intelligently ordered and directed.

November: I am caused by my source to be in my right place and to flourish.

December: Hey, no sweat!

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