A Soldier’s Play

We are currently talking about America going to war with Iran, as I finished reading “A Soldier’s Play” by Charles Fuller. The play is finally getting its Broadway debut almost 40 years after being written. What amazed me so much about this play is how when it was first produced to now, now much has changed in how we as African Americans treat each other. We will quickly sell our brothers and sisters out for some chump change or what we think and perceives as power or control. I don’t believe that we have gotten out of that mindset because we have lost our sense of community and village. It seems as though a majority of us have embraced capitalistic mindset of our white counterparts and forgot to pay it forward what we earned or were given by our own people.

This play is getting its Broadway debut right on time. Not that I am a conspiracy theorist kind of guy, but I wonder was this type of thing strategically ployed by the artistic powers that be along with the arts donors and politicians. Nevertheless, I definitely want to see it on Broadway and take away a new appreciation for history and where and how my people played a part in it.

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