Future Artistic Partnerships

I have been sneaking on IG so much lately because it feels so good to get away with something. Is it productive or positive for me? No! I think deep down I am scared of success more than I truly want it. I say all this to say that in my preparation for the end of summer 2020 when I am expected to finish my acting program I am taking a page out of Loy A. Webb’s book and archiving people that I want to work with my artistic journey in the next 10 years:

  • Elenilson Ayala Orellana
  • Bru Ajuyetsi
  • Jelani Alladin
  • Kelly Armstrong
  • Nicholas Ashe
  • Carlton Bell
  • James Bland
  • David Brandyn
  • Jordan Brown
  • Jonathan Burke
  • Ashley Buster
  • Raymond Caldwell
  • Tameika Chavis
  • Team Clairvoyance
  • Felicia Curry
  • Sideeq Heard
  • Rueben Santiago Hudson
  • Amber Iman
  • Aisha Jackson
  • Jawan Jackson
  • Benairen Kane
  • Karen Lawrence
  • Donja R. Love
  • Mandi Madsen
  • Tarrell Alvin McCraney
  • Domonique Morrisseau
  • Jeremy O’Brian
  • Jeremy O’Harris
  • Jonathan Palmer
  • Jeremy Pope
  • Tian Richards
  • Eric Ruffin
  • Bria Simone
  • Ryan Jamal Swain
  • Ephraim Sykes
  • Kevin Thorne
  • Sean and Eric Torrington
  • Loy A. Webb
  • Damone Williams

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