I am coming to an internal crossroads more and more as of late about my employment status, my dreams status, and my faith status. It is all things I need to pray over more to give me some discernment and clarity on what next steps I should take and make in thinking about how I want to move forward. Thinking about the time when I wasn’t working a full time job in my almost 2 year hiatus, I reflected on how much faith I truly had to have that God would provide for me and not let me fall. I also was able to create more of what I wanted to create because I was doing my own thing, on my own time. This year I have had the song by Yolanda Adams “Hold On” on repeat as a motivation when I am feeling a little bit lost, sad, or just unmotivated to refresh my spirit. I am not sure what exactly I am holding on for, but I look forward to what comes of life to be what comes of life to be working and holding on for.

Reflection Moment: Have the storms in you life created a space for you to create or make a new path for your journey that you didn’t expect or plan for?

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