Mouse, Back, Booger Oh My! Mice and Backs and Boogers Oh My!

Teaching Special Education in an Elementary School means be prepared for anything and be grateful to make it through the day upright. As I have shared my day in the synopsis of those introductory words, I reflect on one thing in particular. My innate need to be a helper, no matter the cost to my peace of mind. There are times when I know I am called to help and times when I am not and insert my unsolicited, with good hearted intentions from my lens, and end up making matters slightly worse than they need to be. This is something that I learned I do just this week in observation after I felt after doing it more than once and not feeling like the people showed gratitude toward me. It could be because in those moments I wasn’t meant to be the helper.


Thought of the Week: Check in whether someone wants your help or not in a certain moment, instead of inserting your help without their solicitation.

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