This morning, I took the liberty to be SOFT with my body and try to get an additional few minutes of sleep. I went to bed late, because I got in from class and had a little bit of extra energy left. I just realized that I need to do a little bit of exercise to burn off any of the remaining energy I may have in order to be able to sleep more through the night. I can see from my sleep tracker on FitBit that the extra bit of time I took to rest was helpful to have my body feel more whole this morning. Since childhood, once I wake up, it is really hard for me to go back to sleep, unless I am sick or exhausted to the maximum degree.

As I was walking to work this morning I realized that I made this decision to be SOFT with my body and a song came to my heart. It was Yolanda Adams’ Hold On. The song reminded me to hold onto my dream and stay focused on my goals in life. I am presently doing an extra shift of work to achieve a dream/goal that I have for 2020.


Thought of the Week: Be SOFT with yourself.

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