On our second day of the school year, the second grade students participated in an “I can’t” ritual. The purpose of this ritual was to get the students out of the habit of saying “I can’t” and instead saying, not yet am I able to do or be something. Most of my life I have truly believed in the scripture of “I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.” I know this to be true, because I have done things in my lifetime I never thought I would be able to do and things some people doubted me in being able to do.

Today someone threw a shadow of doubt over my abilities. I initially agreed with them, but then the voice of a strong and powerful version of myself spoke up inside me and reminded me of my strength. It reminded me that I have faced similar hurdles before. Even if I don’t make it over this hurdle fully, I know I am going to always give it a try. Because of this voice inside I heard what the person was saying, but I let it go in one ear and out the other. The universe has a way of reaffirming your choices made and you hear the message louder than the naysaying message.

This school year, I truly want to stay in a headspace of taking life, one day at a time and not worry too much other people’s input that isn’t nourishing my soul. I want to focus on how I am personally nourishing my soul.


Challenge of the Week: Tune out the naysayers in your life as soon as they say:

“you can’t.”

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