Today has been a day of hope for me. I had a dream last night, that I don’t recall anymore, but it inspired me to wake up and paint a picture. The picture represents that sense of hope I long for that things for me, my family, friends, and everyone will get better.

I finished watching two Netflix shows on a day I was supposed to be doing things to get ready for work, but I am now glad I took this time to watch them. I finished Season 3 of “Dear White People” which I will probably have to rewatch. I’ll have to rewatch it because I watched the end of Season 7 of “Orange Is the New Black. A show that took me forever to start, but once I did, truly enjoyed.

Not to give any spoilers out, but I was most focused this season on the trajectory of Tasha ‘Taystee’ Jefferson’s story. She was definitely my favorite character on the show because she always had a cheery, optimistic, and hopeful spirit to her. We saw her lose, regain, lose, and regain that spirit over and over again. Danielle Brooks has truly cemented her way into one of my top favorite actresses for this role alone. I look forward to following her career and even working with her one day. Before I finished the series, I had to keep going back to reflect on certain storylines. While doing so, I saw an article with a headline about how Danielle was the performer of the week and I agree with that Infinity percent! There was another article that talked about one episode that she shot for this season, that she could have used some more support on from the production crew in regards to her mental health. The bigger reason she said that was because she had to do the scene multiple times to get different angles as has to be done in the film/TV industry. This made me think of my hopeful film/TV career and how I will have to navigate works that require me to dig into a hard place and do multiple takes of that work. I look forward to embracing the challenge, when it comes, but for now I will continue on taking care of my mind, body, and spirit to get stronger for when that day does come.

For now, I will continue to be hopeful for all of life and push forward.


Quote of the Week: But I know, somehow, that only when it is dark enough can you see the stars.

-Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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