Jesus Loves Me by Whitney Houston from The Bodyguard soundtrack truly soothed my spirit this morning, when I got in to work. The phrase “Little ones to him belong, they are weak but he is strong,” truly him home. As I was reflecting on my experience of losing my fish and having a transitional ritual for him, these words become important. In God’s eyes both my fish and I would be considered little ones and we belong to him, even if we are weak he is able to be strong enough for both of us. Now that Henry has passed into the after life, I have to be “alone” and that makes me weaker. So for God to be strong for me is truly appreciated.

“Undeserving and stubbornly, never fail to love me still” sent a sense of release through me because I know that he has and will always love me. When I go against his will, Jesus loves me. When I don’t show love to his children, Jesus loves me. I know that in all my goodness and mess, Jesus loves me.

“That I’m never alone, see sometimes I’m lonely but never alone.” I have never liked to be alone and now that Henry is gone, I feel my sense of being alone may be heightened. In my alone moments, I want to work to turn to God more, because it seems like that is what he wants of me.


Challenge: Listen to Jesus Loves Me by Whitney Houston and share your reflections with someone.

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