God Provides

This morning as I was ironing my clothes, Tamela Mann’s song “God Provides” came on. I don’t believe I have heard it before and I only heard half of it when she said something that made me think of my week, in a financial sense. I started off the week with close to enough money to pay for a payment I knew was coming out at the end of the week. Most of the week, I have been on the edge of my seat, trying to monitor and save my spending from getting out of hand to the point I would not be able to have enough funds to cover that payment. I also knew that I was going to be making another payment this week that would be an investment into my first business. I paid for the filing of my business certification documents. While I was scared to make this investment, I knew if I didn’t I may get scared further down the road. Therefore, I ripped the bandaid off and made the jump to another level in life.

The lyrics that initially inspired this post were “God provides, in ways I can’t explain and can’t deny, the little that I have he multiplies.” I immediately thought about both of those payments and how they will be coming back to me soon in the form of both my tax returns and paycheck. What my bank account may look like right now is little, but I know what lies ahead is better than what I may or may not have now and is a whole lot better than what I have experienced before. Therefore, like the song says in the opening: “God provides, so why do I worry about my life.” I am officially worry free for the remainder of the day, because I know God Provides.


  1. What situations have you faced that God stepped in and provided for you?
  2. Did you praise him in the midst of your worry?
  3. How much did you worry after he provided?

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