Recently people have been commenting on how I have lost so much weight. It was nice when like the first 3 people said something, especially when I hadn’t really realized I was losing weight. Since then, I have been nervous about people saying anything to me about it because I was scared it would go to my head. When I went home the people that really hoped took notice didn’t saying anything. That was kind of sad to me. I also have noticed that when people do make the comment I get a little big headed and start eating/snacking on things that are counterproductive to me losing weight.

The other day at the play I went to see, the actress talked about how people would tell her, while she was processing a divorce, that she was looking good; as he lost 40 pounds in 4 weeks. She was hurt by people continuously telling her that because she was happy with her body before and after the weight loss and it was her marriage ending that she wasn’t happy with. She shared how it was offensive for people to keep saying that while she was dealing with a traumatic experience. It’s interesting how we as “caring” humans tend to brush past how people are genuinely doing because we want to keep moving and not necessarily invest the time into how they are.


Challenge: Next time you see someone you notice has made a physical change (losing or gaining weight) ask them deeper like: What are your goals for change? Have you been investing in yourself?


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