Turn It Over

I have to get focused! I can’t keep letting life distract me from the goals I have for myself. After getting some sad news just now, I dove into finding comfort instead of turning my feelings over to God. Every now and then I remember to share my burdens with God right away, but more times than not, I don’t. This let’s me know I need to stay engaged in the word, fellowship, and the spirit with God and his believers. Based on the first play that I learned to analyze at The Conservatory, “Doubt,” being at peace is not necessarily meant for the children of God. That is because we are meant to work hard to show and witness about his love, mercy, and grace. I can truly say that God has shown me a lot of mercy in my life and I definitely want to show how grateful I am of it by making some changes. I am going to continue to pray about the changes I need to make as well as adjust to each change according to God’s wish of me.

Challenge of the Day: Immediately turn to God when you receive upsetting news/info.

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