Broken Promise

A couple of years ago, I made a promise to God that I wouldn’t drink (alcohol, beer, wine) if I was regularly bookin long-term acting opportunities. Since then, I have been truly blessed with a number of wonderful opportunities that have truly helped me stay committed to my promise and kept me clear headed and always in a sober space to focus on doing the work.

This past few weeks I have broken that promise on 3 separate occasions. The first one I truly believe I did it to not feel like I was killing the mood of the crowd gathered. No one was there who knew about my personal pledge and I didn’t tell anyone about my promise. Since then, I have felt unbalanced and just not in the best head space. While I was home I broke my agreement twice without asking God for permission or leeway. I feel the times at home were more justified because they were celebratory times, I was on vacation from work and acting school. However, with each sip I felt myself sink into sadness a little bit.

Well now that I have returned back to my new home city, I am recommitting myself to my pledge until my next big break from school. When that two week break does come, I don’t plan to drink every day all day, but only when I feel like I’d like to relax a bit more than I may already be doing. So to all readers of this post, I ask forgiveness to you and God for breaking my promise. I ask forgiveness to you, because in breaking my word, I have changed the value of the work I put out, based on the inspiration I get while being sober. I apologize to God, because I know that is not what he wants from me.

Thought of the Day: When you break a promise, do you think about how many people are affected by it?

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