Be the Light

Life and God are funny! Seeing as God is life I understand better why things seem to come out funny so often when looking back on it. Last week was a bit of a struggle week. A lot of it was tiredness, but I didn’t take the necessary steps to be well rested so I definitely see why things happened as they did. Yesterday, in class I feel like I began finding my sweet spot in the acting process. The doing of the actions that I have ben toiling over for the past week. Last week, I felt like I was on a rollercoaster ride with getting my work done and part of that is because I was comparing my journey to someone else. My affirmation this month is a counter statement to get me away from comparing myself.

Recently, someone asked who would be the “next Jeffrey” when replacing me in my role within the Alumni Association I said I don’t know who will take my role after me, but there is only one of me as Jeffrey Charles Fleming. Most of my life I have felt separate from any crowd or grouping I am in and I believe that in some spaces we are to be the light of peace and love away from the group. When writing that, it doesn’t feel like it made any sense, but in my head it makes perfect sense.

Thought of the Day: Embrace what makes you uniquely you, and don’t let other people tell you or influence you to change.

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