Love Is All That Matters

That is my favorite “new” song from the movie “Double Platinum” featuring Diana Ross and Brandy. It came to me today after I had to shake off the negative energy of a mother talking negatively to her 1st grade daughter on the city bus today.  This moment made me reflect on how loving my mom has always been my entire life.   She never had to physically discipline me growing up. When I got on the Metro platform, I called my mom and shared with her these sentiments. I also told her that I think that this is a space I have been feeling like I have been missing lately. I have been missing the loving atmosphere I grew up in as a child. I have been searching for a while since some of my family members passed for a more loving and welcoming space. Once I figure out what that looks like for the adult version of me and not the child/teenager version of me; I  will feel whole again.


Thought of the Day: Love Is All That Matters

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