Spreading Love through Your Purpose

In a recent rehearsal for choreography, I felt a sense of greatness flow through me. While learning the dance, I felt lost most of the way through, but when it came to put all of the puzzle pieces together, I felt like I knew exactly what I was doing. Ever since being a Munchkin for the first time in Kindergarten I knew that acting was a home for me. In most recent years, I have come to understand that it is more than just a home for me, but it is part of my life’s purpose. Whenever I get on a performance stage with months of rehearsal, I show up and make magic happen. I really light up on stage and make the show brighten and exude from my character’s spirit.

Each of us has a purpose that is rooted in love. It is a matter of discovering our purpose so that we can spread the love amongst all people.


QOTD: What area of your life do you exude the most love from? How are you using that love in that area to inspire other people to be more loving?

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