Life Affirmations

Today is the first day of April. With that for me comes a new affirmation, but also the affirmations for the remainder of the year. I have mapped them out and see all that are coming up for the remaining of the year are truly going to put me on a new level, in a new headspace. Reflecting back on having started affirmations in 2016 or 2017, this journey has been really rewarding. In moments where pre-affirmation, I would have beat myself up for a failure or a setback. I now reflect on previous affirmations and just keep moving. These positive sayings truly do seep into my brain and subconscious on a monthly basis. Even in times I haven’t felt like being my 100% best self, these affirmations carry me to the next day. Just being able to repeat to myself daily a saying that changes my personal inner perspective makes me feel stronger, DAILY.


Challenge: Find an affirmation to write for an entire year and write it in a journal daily.  Then scale back and do new affirmations each month.

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