Mystery of Fatherhood

Fatherhood is a mystery to me. I don’t know what that truly looks like. I am on the path to discovering truths behind my relationship with my father. I want to have children in the next 8 years or less. I don’t want to be starting a family at 40. I want to have the opportunity to see grandchildren and maybe see them graduate from Howard University.   This is a dream seed that I am starting to plant, cultivate and water regularly. Even if I have to adopt, I will experience the joys of fatherhood. I want to love on my children and give them loads of dad jokes and lifelong wisdom. There are so may things I can already see happening with my children and the experiences we will have.

After watching this week’s episodes of “Black-ish” and “This Is Us,” I have seen some more good examples of the ideal fatherhood things to do and say. Reflecting on my childhood, and my favorite television show “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” I always wished my dad was similar to Uncle Phil. He not only did a great job with raising his three children (four when you add Nicky), but he also took his knucklehead nephew from West Philadelphia into his home. He knew that Will needed a better life and he along with Aunt Viv brought him under their roof and deal with ALL of Will’s shenanigans. Uncle Phil always gave Will solid advice on how to navigate life as a black man in 90s US Culture.

Thought of the Day: Don’t let your past, block your future from your dreams.

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