Sittin’ On Top of The World

This morning I went to Dunkin Donuts and got a muffin and hash browns. While I was waiting on the hash browns, “Sittin’ On Top of The World” by Brandy came on. I waited to get past Mase’s part to hear her start the song. It was when I was leaving and walking to catch the bus that I realized the music video to that song is one of my favorite of hers. The song itself possibly has always made me wonder what being famous does, not to the individual that gains fame, but to the people around them. Some time ago I wrote down the thought of “becoming famous, but keeping it real.” I was probably reading or watching something tied to the hardships of being famous. Honestly this has been something I have worried about for so long. This is why I need to focus on Acting as a journey to serve instead of acquiring notoriety.


Challenge of the Day: Pray that your journey be a journey of service to God and his people.

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