God Can Dream a Bigger Dream…

I like it when God sends me a sign of what he may have in store for me. This weekend/week was that my dreams are smaller than the ones God has in store for me. With yesterday being Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday represented in the US, it is a symbol of “Dreaming.” On Instagram, yesterday there was a video post of a lady at an arena and a mascot came and brought her a small teddy bear and she turned it down. The mascot brought her a bigger one later, which she also turned down another. Finally another, to prove that she was worthy of much more than she could ever imagine.

This week’s episode of Offbook Podcast was titled “God Can Dream a Bigger Dream…” It was based on something Oprah said in an interview (10:34-18 minutes) before she did “The Color Purple” inspired by seeing Stephen Speilberg’s office. Obviously the dreams I have are small in God’s eyes, just like my problems. I am open to all the big dreams God has in store for me.

QOTD: Have you had a dream that you achieved and by the time you achieved it, the result was bigger than your original dream?

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