Level Up!

This is not going to be your typical new year, new me post. This is going to be a new vibes post. Somewhere in December of 2018 I decided to crush out my reading goal and actually surpassed it. This year, I am doing a similar reading goal with a few specifics on what I read. The biggest thing I have looked forward to doing is reading this year. Even if I don’t pick up a book daily, I have one with me that knows it will get read.

Earlier today, I was telling a friend of mine about how I am turning negatives into positives almost instantaneously. I said I think it has to do with reading. I am not exactly sure how, but I do know that it has put me in different worlds, given me different feelings and made the younger version of me come out. Each book I read takes me to a new level in life. In 2018, I moved up 32 levels. Those levels have to be split into the categories of my life that they improved. There were spiritual, artistic, motivation/ inspirational and fiction books included. Therefore, I technically only moved up about 8 levels a piece, but that is better than not moving up at all.

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