Preaching to the Choir

God is amazing! Last year I had an amazing experience to meet with one of my middle school classmates. Thanks to Facebook we have been able to stay in touch since college. He has started a business and I wanted to get some tips and pointers on getting started. It was a great meeting and the biggest thing I left with was he suggesting I start a YouTube channel. This was something I had wanted to do for a long time. Something that I had tried to start before and it didn’t go the way I wanted it to.

Earlier this week I was bored and played on my tablet and recorded an impromptu version of #WorshipWednesday just on the camera. Then, it clicked! I have plenty of footage to start a YouTube channel. All of my previous #WorshipWednesday videos can just be converted into individual videos for each song’s responses. This week already I have posted 1 video and scheduled two more. If I can get through and edit all of my video archive, I might be able to grow an actual audience and viewer base. But the reality is I am not supposed to care about those factors. I just need to trust that what I am doing is meant to be done. I believe it and the ideas and plans I have behind it are proof that things are supposed to happen this way.

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