No More Mediocrity

I had truly fallen off of listening to Podcasts, but now that I have gotten some new Bluetooth headphones, I am loving them. Yesterday, I played catch up on a series that I learned about last year through following James Bland. The name of it is Creatives Talk hosted by Erik Umphery. I was listening to a few episodes yesterday and was truly inspired.

The first quote that truly hit me was by Eddie Francis “Mediocrity will always be there.” For as long as I can remember this has been a sub mantra in my life. When I hear statements like this, my soul says yes, YES, as Lisa Nichols tells us to do. Never have I wanted to be what some people would call normal and in the moments that I have wanted to, I didn’t like it. I am coming to a season in my life where I want to push away from mediocrity.

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