You’ll Find Your Way: Personal Reflection

This episode title summarized my journey and experiences that I have had since relocating to Washington, DC. The first nugget that grabbed me in this episode was “Blowing any way the wind blows.” As a Gemini, an air sign, I pretty much have no choice but to blow the way the wind/air blows. If anything I can say is that the wind has never blown me in the wrong direction. It has placed me on paths that were only meant for me. I’d like to compare myself to a leaf. When they fall on the ground, technically they are dead, people step on them or kick them to their next destination.   Sometimes they get repurposed as mulch to nourish the trees that they fall off. Then, the process goes again. We all have seasons when we fall, get stepped on or kicked around, repurpose ourselves and flourish into something better. For that I am glad to blow where the wind blows.

The next line hit home in a number of different ways: “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion [of you,] that doesn’t make it your truth as long as you know who you are, that’s all that matters.” Growing up I got teased for being different. The one thing that stuck with me in my primary years was “sticks and stones, may break my bones, but words won’t ever hurt me.”   This phrase used to help me so much in 5th grade. The other thing I got teased for was not always being up on the latest fashion trends.   This issue was solved in high school. My mother had to remind me regularly, that if the people didn’t pay for my clothes, they couldn’t say anything. They had no right to make comments on my clothes, shoes or anything else someone else got for me.

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